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I Recalled my Team members , Whats next ?

Many offices struggle with finding more hours in the day than patients at the beginning of our re-opening days. Your team will find that there is a lot of things to be
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Re-opening/Post Covid-19 Training

Many uncertainties continue to manifest amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, fear and anxiety occupy more space in our hearts and minds than we would like. In an effort to continue to
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What People Say About Us?

“I had zero experience or knowledge of the dental field when Tala first hired me as a Dental Receptionist. She saw the potential in me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. The training and resources I received where great and easy to understand. She took her time to explain everything to me throughly. She gave me the tools and continued support I needed to do my job with confidence. I am almost a year into my role and I can’t believe how much I have grown and learned. Thanks Tala for believing in me and inspiring me to continue to learn.”
Alison Salman
Dental Office Administrator
“ We have been working with Ms. Tala Batarseh over the past few months. Tala is person with great integrity and utmost professionalism. She has a very warm and lovable personality, excels in customer relationships and has an amazing ability to connect with the patients as well as the entire team. Tala is helping us optimizing dental business, enhancing systems and protocols, she responds promptly to messages and works effectively to improve and implement processes and systems. Tala recognizes that every dental office is unique and she works diligently to tailor processes to match each practice to ensue growth and success. She’s a pleasure to work with and we are very happy to have the opportunity to work with her.”
Dr Sama
16Mile Dental
Tala joined our team and helped us out by creating a business system for each of the components of our newly built office. Not only did she develop these systems, but she also made sure to follow up with the staff to ensure that they master them. She trained our team on advancing their communication with the patient via the development of phone skills and new patient experience. Tailoring her training for each of of them, Tala provided our employees with the resources and training required to fulfil their responsibilities. She is precise in giving out directions and effectively communicates what she expects from her team members. In addition to this, she created marketing and advertising strategies in order to help attract new patients. Tala is an amazing asset to our office and we are very thankful for the impact she has made on it.
Dr Gheed
At NooNoo’s Dentistry
“Thank you Tala for your work in our office! We have improved the hygiene schedule and increased production. We are happy with the results of the protocols you implemented. Wish you all the best.
Dr Sbaiti
Roseborough Dental


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